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How to Choose the Right Color of Braided Rugs

How to Choose the Right Color of Braided Rugs
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How to Choose the Right Color of Braided Rugs

Braided rugs come in a myriad colors. Find out which color suits your home the best.

Color remains an important facet of home décor. Irrespective of whether one is choosing curtains or furniture or rugs—colors invariably end up playing a very important role in the overall aesthetics. Braided rugs, notably, make for beautiful and functional additions to our homes. As far as larger rooms are concerned, beautiful braided rugs fill up vacant spaces. The choice of the right rug can accentuate existing décor.

The Importance of Prioritizing Colors when Buying Braided Rugs

There are several factors (like size, pattern, material and designs) that govern the choice of braided rugs. For instance, when it comes to material, wool braided rugs are preferred for areas with high-traffic, since wool is a durable material.

Similar specificity should be considered when choosing the color of the rug as well. Braided rugs come in a variety of hues:

  • Biscuit Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Black
  • Bronze Brown
  • Red Brown
  • Gingerbread brown
  • Cherry Pie Red

What more? You can access multi-colored options as well. So, how do you choose the right color? Below are a few tips.

Light vs Dark Colors: Making the Choice

One of the first responsibilities is to differentiate between light and dark-hued rugs. Not all colors are suitable for every place. For instance, light-hued braided rugs should not be placed in areas that are exposed to dirt (like near entryways). The layers of dirt end up showing easily on light-colored rugs. Their dark-colored counterparts, on the other hand, end up concealing them.

Darker shades are typically known to age gracefully without showing all that dirt. For areas that are neither exposed to dirt nor to high traffic, it’s best to use a combination of dark and light tones.

What should you Know about the color-fiber Combination?

It is very important to choose the right color-fiber combination. Sometimes it is easy to select the color of your braided rug, but you shouldn’t ignore the fiber as well! In case of confusion, you can always reach out to an interior designers or the manufacturer of the rug itself. They are knowledgeable and can guide your selection. These professionals know which combination works and which doesn’t. Talk the possibilities out in detail.

There is no dearth of rug manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Look out for the ones that offer you a diverse range of rugs in terms of materials, colors, textures and patterns. Scrutinize a range of options before settling for one of them.


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