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Home Decoration Ideas for 2019

Home Decoration Ideas for 2019
By Braided Rugs 3 years ago 3211 Views 1 comment
Home Decoration Ideas for 2019

Home Decoration Ideas for 2019

Just like any other year, we will be witnessing major changes in home décor in 2019 as well. If you are considering redecorating your home, then make sure you know the rundown of the home décor trends that will be at the forefront in 2019. Read on.

Convertible Living Spaces

Think about movable walls, introducing tweaks to your Murphy beds and multi-purpose built- ins! Convertible homes can be termed as the most “heartening home design trend of 2019.” Expect your guests to be substantially intrigued by this particular trend. Each and every corner of a convertible home is a perfect blend of practicality and interesting aesthetics. You should definitely learn about it more if you are someone who loves to experiment with home décor from time to time.

Handcrafted Rugs

The penchant for hand woven braided rugs is not going to wane anytime soon. Rugs have been regarded as conventional “space-fillers” backed by the ability to add a whole new dimension to rooms. Expect designers to experiment more with colors and brands to introduce that element of novelty to your home. Braided doormats turn out to be great investments in terms of functionality as well. They offer impeccable resistance to dust and grime!

The Color to look out for

Nightwatch green is often touted as the moodier substitute for bottle green or hunter green. Interior designers, at large, opine that this is going to be the color of the season. It complements high-shine finishes, but introducing it to an entire room is still a far cry. As suggested by designers, the best way to stay true to this trend would be to introduce it in smaller corners of your home. Here’s a look at the other important home décor trends to look forward to in 2019.

We’ll see a revolution in terms of the designs of table mats as well. Though they have always been a crucial part of home décor, we haven’t really seen designers experimenting substantially with table mats. The handcrafted table mats will be rendered in variant shapes, sizes and designs as well. Our love for handcrafted designs will continue with attractive pillows. You can look to the internet to find stores that have already come up with a variety of intriguing designs that include brick houses, animals, rabbits, sheep and bright circles among others.

Your home is your personal sanctuary. Acquainting yourself with these trends will help you add interesting dimensions to your home.

William Turner 3 years ago at 5:18 PM
This company LIED to us twice!!!!
I called specifically asking about the colors depicted.
One picture "plain straight on, front view" shows the rug very DARK. The other picture "on an angle with chair legs on it" much lighter and definitely more appealing. We were told the lighter rug with the chair legs was closer to reality. Wrong!! just received the rug, very, very "DARK" not at all like what we wanted. The other two rugs were lied about the color also, but these are acceptable to us. The second lie was about the delivery. Three days after placing the order I called to find out the shipping and delivery times. These were NEVER quoted on the original order. I was told they were processing the order and I would receive a "Confirmation E' Mail" tomorrow. Well tomorrow came and went NO E'Mail. What a bunch of liars!!! What was the reason for either lie?? Received the darker colored rugs today, still "NO E'Mail". WOW!! how totally unprofessional......


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