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Crafting Braided Rugs from Old T-Shirts

Crafting Braided Rugs from Old T-Shirts
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Crafting Braided Rugs from Old T-Shirts

Crafting Braided Rugs from Old T-Shirts

Time to get creative in uses of those old t-shirts! Most of us end up using these t-shirts as cleaning rags, but there are several other ways you can reuse your old t-shirt. Grocery bags and accessories are definite options to consider. What more? You can even upcycle your used t-shirts into beautiful braided rugs!

Crafting Homemade Braided Rugs from Old T-shirts

Yes, It’s possible! There are several benefits of reusing your old t-shirts as braided rugs as well. For one, it reflects an eco-friendly lifestyle. Furthermore, it adds a unique touch to your home décor. Braided rugs crafted from your own t-shirts are definitely going to look different from the ones available in the market (both online and offline). Your t-shirts reflect your personal style, and therefore homemade braided rugs crafted from those t-shirts will end up reflecting your personal style as well.

How can you make these Rugs?

So how easy or difficult is it to make these rugs out of t–shirts? You can look up some YouTube tutorials and follow those step by step, or we can help you with a few basics right here!

  • If you want to make an 18’’ diameter rug, collect at least 5 – 6 t-shirts
  • Mark the T-shirts lengthwise with chalk, then cut along each mark leaving 3-4 inches from the sides of the shirts
  • Continue cutting till the sleeves, then cut all the way to the other seam
  • After all the lines are cut, hold the shirts up in front of you
  • They should ideally look like a rib cage
  • Now start cutting the leftover fabric (the one you didn’t cut) in a diagonal fashion
  • This will help you create one long piece of fabric from your t-shirt
  • Stretch this fabric out properly before winding it up into a ball.

Now you are ready to create the braid. The yarn can either be machine sewn or hand sewn. Start by sewing from one strip to the middle of a different strip (with a different color) to form a T- shape.

Keep sewing this particular combination till you need to add a different color. Use paperclips on the braids to ensure they are held together properly rather than turning into an intertwined mess.

The next step is to pre-coil your rug. Please don’t rush through the process—otherwise the gaps between the rings may start showing. Pre-coiling gently helps you stay organized and figure out whether your rug is too big or small for your liking or not. You can add or remove t-shirts in accordance.

Now, sew the braid together. A blanket stitch is the preferred way of sewing t-shirt rugs. You can start sewing from the middle and start working your way up to the top. When you reach the end of the blanket, make sure you are sewing the braid-ends with their previous ring in order to secure it. This may all be a bit of a tedious process, but the end result is braided rug full of memories and recycled material!

Your rug is now ready to be used.


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