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Braided Rugs

People have used braided rugsinside their home for hundreds of years, dating all the way back to the early days of America’s colonization. While other decorative home accessories have come and gone over time, braided rugs remain a highly popular, versatile furnishing that’s perfect for any type of home. Whether your home features a modern, contemporary or vintage theme, chances are there’s a braided rug out there to compliment it. Of course, this is just one of the reasons why they are such a popular home accessory.

Braided rugshave classy style. Braided rugs are made with intertwined fabric to create a exceptionally beautiful home accessory. You can rest assured knowing that braided rugs aren’t going out of style anytime soon. In addition to their stunning appearance, braided rugs are also helpful for protecting the floor. Certain models are made with strong, durable materials that hold up well under the constant stress of foot traffic. Instead of wearing down the carpet in your home, you can use a braided rug to help take some of the pressure off. Whether it’s the foyer, kitchen, living room or even bedroom, braided rugs will offer a valuable layer of protection against floor wear and tear.

Just adding a basic braided rug will create a unique decorative element on the floor to help bring all of the surrounding elements together in a cohesive fashion. It’s a simple way to decorate the floors while breaking up the openness of large rooms.

Tufted Rugs

Tufting is the process of creating textiles, especially carpet, on specialized multi-needle sewing machines. Several hundred needles stitch hundreds of rows of pile yarn tufts through a backing fabric called the primary backing. Hand-tufted rugs are very affordable area rugs.

Tufted rugs are made with a tool called a "tufting gun." Loops of the yarn are pushed through a backing that has been imprinted with the overall design. When the rug maker is through with this process another foundation, called a scrim is applied with latex glue. When this dries, the final protective cloth backing is applied.

The last step is to shear the rug so that all of the loops on the top of the rug are cut, which in turn creates the pile.

Hand-tufted rugs can withstand high traffic, and will begin to wear out after 12 to 20 years of use. Also, in case you would like to change the décor of your home soon, then also tufted rugs are good as they are disposable. Today's faster paced lifestyle and changing trends makes many consumers more likely to change their decor sooner. The relatively low cost of tufted rugs makes them "disposable" in the consumer's eye.